Renee Gallegos commented on “My Natural Cats” book

Renee wrote: “I am in the process of reading this valuable book. Thus far, and not to my surprise, I am moved and enlightened. Those of you who hold your precious felines and canines close to your heart, read this book! I am going to gift this to Veterinarians that have a limited perspective. They need to know more about raw nutrition. I have confidence to know that this book has been written from the heart of personal experience which is of huge value. People, you may not realize this, you are actually craving this knowledge! There is no right or wrong, only information and the freedom to choose.

Felice is the only one who has ever offered a sense of ease for me, to release any fears that I have ever had around feeding my most beloved feline family raw. It took 8 years to let go and to let raw do it’s thing to benefit my animals. I’ve read other books and the entire “raw food” industry still could not convince me to feed my animals raw. As silly as it may seem to some people, I was afraid that I was going to make them sick and that they would die! Ha! What I’ve learned is that feeding commercial foods diminishes their health and shortens their life span because they contain cooked meats with grain fillers!

In the past, I have inundated Felice with questions about cat health issues. She has always responded with quick, brilliant and clear answers. She absolutely does not diagnose, she only answers questions from facts and experience. Isn’t that what heartfelt people seek? I trust that this book is going to reach people who are willing to be open and willing to change their way of thinking about the care of their treasured carnivore family.”


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