We threw out the plastic water fountain,

Dear Felice,
I am enjoying “My Natural Cats” very much. Thank you so much for writing it. You are brave and strong to be willing to talk about the cats that you have lost (I don’t know if I could do it….). I appreciate it very much, because your experiences should help a lot of cats to avoid disease and cancer. I did read the book cover to cover, and enjoyed the cat stories, but I think its biggest value will be as a reference book.

We threw out the plastic water fountain, and the plastic water dish. For the humans, too. Wish I had thought of that…..

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family of Felines (and especially to the spirits of the Camelot Felines)
Best regards,
Cindy-Boulder CO


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  1. Barbarella Buchner says:

    Nice review, Felice! I am so bad at reading books, it just took me two months to finish one, but I´ll start on yours after that. And like Cindy says, it is probably a good reference book too!