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Animal Communicator Renee Gallegos comments on My Natural Cats

Hi Felice,

It’s great to hear that you and your family are settling in with ease. Wow, what a beautiful space, I love the indoor pool.

Felice, your book is a gemstone! The ultimate read I have ever come across on the topic of raw food diet for cats and dogs … ever. It’s not only a guide to raw diet, it’s the “bible”. Your personable way of conveying your stories and facts were able to keep my attention. That’s important because the “other” books don’t get read through … really. Not that they are “not good” books, just not interesting enough to hook the attention to continue to read. “My Natural Cats” is good, very good, excellent!

You’ve got my support, whatever I can do to assist in getting the word out! This is the number one book that I am directing clients to read for knowledge about the health and well being of their cats and dogs.

Warmly and Respectfully,

Happy Holidays!

Renee Gallegos
Animal Communicator


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