My Natural Cats Book Review from Brenda

Reading your book (by as the roofer works on,yeah for both activities! Your passion, your joy all come through so clearly. What an inspiration to all of us to transform the pain into joy, we do love our kitties heart and soul. However the cockroach story is too funny! I have a similar early morning story with Hayley, Harley, Ace, and Larry .good times my friend.

All my love to you and your family.




  1. Jayne Rogers Brown says:

    Felice’s BOOK is the Best!! Front start to finish~ I could not agree more with you Brenda on the “”INSPIRATION TO ALL OF US”””

    God Bless Felice for her passion and all her hard work in researching this information and writing her book!

    Felice knows what her “” PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE”” is…. no doubt!

  2. Thank you so much Jayne & Brenda for all your kind words and support. You and your fur babies mean a great deal to me 🙂