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FDA says more raw food companies had bacteria and processed foods none during a 2 year study

 Dr Becker explains here, how can that be when there were numerous commercial pet food recalls during that time. I enjoyed Dr Becker’s post…

New FDA Warning Nothing Short of Miraculous, Considering the Facts
They want you to believe that this healthy practice can harm both you and your pet. But ignore their hype and don’t be deceived by their twisted evidence. Read this, then make your own decision on this important issue.


One comment

  1. Barbarella says:

    Of course, they don´t want the pet food industry to go out of business, hence they say raw is bad!

    Same with cannabis – it´s an amazing drug and they *know* it, but if they developed cannabis-based meds or let people take/smoke it legally, the pharmacy industry would suffer. Plus hey, we can´t have lots of healthy people (or cats) running around, cause then the medical and veterinary profession would go out of business! It´s all clever manipulating of the economy as a whole, and sadly, the “herd mentality” will believe anything the FDA (or the papers or the telly) would tell them… 🙁