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Feline Diabetes

Feline Diabetes

There is more and more cases of type 1 diabetes seen in our animal patients. Contrary to popular belief, insulin although necessary in these cases, is often unsatisfactory in providing stabilization of the disease or in providing adequate quality of life of the patient.

Diabetes is much easier to prevent than to treat.

The same principles apply to diabetes as to pancreatitis.

1: stop the assault on the pancreas caused by repeat vaccination.

2: feed a species appropriate diet consisting of fresh meat and veggies. Limit the intake of simple sugars such as refined carbohydrates.


My Natural Cats Holistic Treatment for Cats - Caesar

The book is done; bring me some catnip!

Acute disease is necessary to give the body a fighting chance to heal. By suppressing acute disease through pharmaceutical intervention, we not only further delay healing by silencing the body’s innate mechanisms, but we add additional toxins into the body further burdening those mechanisms which would otherwise have worked flawlessly. That promotes the ineffectiveness of the allopathic model and why patients never heal.


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