Homemade Raw Cat Food

Carolyn sent in her Homemade Raw Cat Food success story for the week:
My newest family member, Patrick, was a starving stray, so infested with fleas that he tore out his back fur and was covered in sores. A year later, he is gorgeous, happy and a healthy weight...and he LOVES Feline instincts!

Of course, I also discovered that my cats got fat on hard food…not to mention that my girl kitty’s system went into total rebellion! EVERY time she ate any food that had grain in it, she threw up. I felt as if I was living in a vomitorium! yuck. And the stress on her little body too! So, now that I’m retired, I’m able to feed them several times a day and they no longer get kibble. They’re happy and NO vomiting at all!



Homemade raw cat food



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