Feline Chronic Kidney Failure CRF

Feline Chronic Kidney failure, results from the inability of the kidneys to function properly. When they are healthy, kidneys perform several functions, including removing the waste products of metabolism from your pet’s blood, regulating the volume and composition of body fluids, producing hormones that stimulate production of red blood cells, and controlling blood pressure. Once the kidneys do their job, the by-products produced as a result of the metabolic process are excreted in the form of urine. It’s not hard to understand that the kidneys work the hardest when your feline is fed a commercial diet; a diet that is unnatural for your felines system and can cause CRF.

There are two kinds of kidney failure. The first is known as chronic kidney failure, which occurs when the kidneys can no longer perform the crucial functions of excreting waste products, producing hormones, and regulating the chemical composition of body fluids. In this case, kidney function decreases slowly over a long period of time, which means the physical signs may appear gradually.

The second type is known as acute kidney failure. It is characterized by an abrupt decline in kidney function that leads to changes in body chemistry, including alterations in fluid and mineral balances. These changes negatively affect almost every system in the body. The physical signs are more dramatic with acute kidney failure because kidney function declines quickly.

A homemade raw cat food specifically designed to support the kidneys has proven to extend and add good quality of life for the cat for many more years then if fed a commercially cooked diet from your vet.

Anna Maria Gardner DVM, M.A. M.B. Holistic Veterinarian at Pet Synergy says:
“A natural raw food diet can be very beneficial to felines with mild to moderate renal failure, who are under veterinarian care. Feline Instincts´ Kidney Support feline food supplement diet is modified to contain lower protein and higher fat, with B- vitamins that are so essential in renal failure. The kidneys can manage the lower protein intake and yet still enjoy the benefits of a raw food diet which is so much healthier for their bodies. Your holistic veterinarian can also prescribe natural remedies to help support your feline’s kidneys along with this diet.”

Success Stories from CRF Kitties

I’ve sent messages before commenting on my success with your Kidney Support Powdered Premix. Today I’m sending an update on my Solomon’s latest blood test results. His BUN has dropped or kept steady for the last year or so but the best news is that his creatinine level has dropped significantly to where it’s actually back in the normal range!! My vet was astonished and I am so happy I can hardly express myself! It has been approximately 18 months since his diagnosis. Solomon, my beautiful Siamese, will turn 16 this September. He has been my buddy & the love of my life since I rescued him at 9 months of age, from a dog pound/animal control facility, where he was “next in line” for euthanasia. Since I’ve started feeding him your Feline Instincts supplement, his appetite is ravenous and his fur is thick, shiny & luxurious. I couldn’t be more pleased! Thank you AGAIN for such a wonderful product & helpful customer support. Attached is a recent picture of him basking in the warm sunshine.




Exactly one year ago, my feline Tosca was desperately ill.  The vet told me she had complete renal failure and would have to be put down.  Her blood test results were off the charts.  She was just shy of her third birthday, and only a month earlier had seemed totally fine.

I was having my own health crisis, and so boarded her at the clinic for a couple days until I could get things tended to and think straight again.  Luckily, during that time she improved just a little, so I decided to see if I could nurse her back to health.

The vet wanted me to give her intravenous fluid, which was a hopeless cause.  Try holding a feline still for 10 minutes with a needle stuck in it!  She nibbled at the special food from the vet but wouldn’t eat much.  I was frantic for her to eat, since she’d lost so much weight.  I tried every trick I could think of to increase her food and water consumption.

My sister told me about your product, so I decided to give it a try.  When the package arrived I thought it smelled awful, but as soon as I opened the bag, Tosca wanted to take a look.  I said to myself, no feline will ever eat something with pumpkin in it, but she was actually licking it plain from the can.  I can’t describe the happiness and relief I felt when she actually ate some of the finished product.  For months I had to literally hand feed, but she kept getting better.

At our checkup a few weeks later, the vet was really surprised, and said keep on doing whatever I was doing.  His only reservation was cooking the meat rather than using it raw.  When we went back in March he was literally shocked when he walked into the room.  He didn’t even draw blood because he said he could see she was fine.

Today, she looks like the healthiest feline around – sleek, great muscle tone, soft, glossy fur, energetic – and is a happy feline.  I’d like to thank you for making the special kidney support food.  Without it I’m not sure she’d still be around.  Now I have hope that she’ll live a normal life.

Thank you,

Libby- PA



For a homemade raw meat cat food to support your cats kidneys see www.felineinstincts.com


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