My Natural Cats Book Review

This book is amazing!! The author Felice has had several cats for decades, and through her own cats’ illnesses and after much research, and eventually starting them on 100% raw diet over twenty years ago, she decided to write this book sharing the fruits of her research, along with input from several holistic vets. This book shares her own victories as well as a ton of input from many other cat owners and their stories, The result is literally an A-Z reference guide to nutrition utilizing a raw diet, as well as holistic treatments to help with all cat ailments like IBD, CRF, FUS, etc. This book is perfect for ALL cat owners from the very beginners, to the well seasoned. Using these treatments and diet, she has had cats live to nearly 20 years (her own cats as well as her customers). This book is a MUST have for any cat owner! smile emoticon Cheers!!

Kimberly Guardenier Washington


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