Feline Irritable Bowel Disease

Feline Irritable Bowel Disease
Feline IBD Success Stories

Hi Felice,
Hope you are well. Here is a picture of our Whiskey. Taste testing his latest batch of chicken complete with MNC [My Natural Cat premix].
He is a little more muscular and heavier now, even though he is off steroids. In January he will be seventeen human years old. I am told that is about 119 years in feline years.
About two years ago in desperation, and having tried just about every other cure for his IBD we came across your website and switched him to a raw diet with MNC. He seems to be completely cured of this terrible disease, and is now again, our confident tiger!
Thanks again, Merry Xmas.
Mark Lane. UK

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Feline Urinary Disease (FUS) Success Stories

Hi Felice
Thank you Felice! Jax is almost done with his first bag of My Natural Cat supplement. He loves it with ground beef, ground veal, and turkey. I found frozen raw calf liver at my local Whole Foods and I was ecstatic to mix it with the beef and veal. So far, it’s been almost one month, and Jax is not showing urinary blockage signs. I am adding 1/8-1/4 cup of water to each feeding and he urinating clear and free daily. My heartfelt thanks from both of us!
Jason – CA

Hi Felice,
The Natural Cat diet saved my feline, Saint John’s life. He was in severe pain and had crystals in urine. I brought him to vet and he still wasn’t 100% after doses of medicine and special food. Your diet gave me my feline back. Thank you so much from him and me.
Mary 🙂 New York

Just wanted to touch base regarding our 3 felines. This is our 2nd order of My Natural Cat powder. (first order was in my name, Debbie Hale; this current order was made by my daughter, Katie).
One of our male felines, Checkers, was found to have urinary infection/partial blockage. We ordered your powder and made the recipe. He refused to eat for 2 1/2 days, but finally began tentatively picking at it. (the other two felines gobbled it up from the start!)

We have fed them the raw diet exclusively for the past few weeks, and now all three felines can’t wait for it!! Yay!! We’ve noticed a decline in the frequency of their feces, and best of all – the feces has almost no foul odor!! We’ve also noticed that their coats seem silkier. We have added a bit more water to the recipe, since our other male, Sebastian, seemed to be a bit constipated. This seems to have helped. And Checkers has had no symptoms of any urinary problems.
Thanks again for offering this product. We’re happy to know that we are doing our part to give them a healthy rest of their lives!!


Feline Chronic Renal Failure Success Stories


Hi Felice
I’ve sent messages before commenting on my success with your Kidney Support Powdered Premix. Today I’m sending an update on my Solomon’s latest blood test results. His BUN has dropped or kept steady for the last year or so but the best news is that his creatinine level has dropped significantly to where it’s actually back in the normal range!! My vet was astonished and I am so happy I can hardly express myself! It has been approximately 18 months since his diagnosis. Solomon, my beautiful Siamese, will turn 16 this September. He has been my buddy & the love of my life since I rescued him at 9 months of age, from a dog pound/animal control facility, where he was “next in line” for euthanasia. Since I’ve started feeding him your Feline Instincts supplement, his appetite is ravenous and his fur is thick, shiny & luxurious. I couldn’t be more pleased! Thank you AGAIN for such a wonderful product & helpful customer support. Attached is a recent picture of him basking in the warm sunshine.


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Feline Diabetes Success Stories


My kitty is diabetes free for 5 years now and healthier than ever!
Katie – 16 years old
I believe the combination of the raw meat diet with your supplements plus Glipizide (pill form of insulin), some herbal supplements and some holistic medicines prescribed by my vet helped to cure her. She started developing neuropathy in her hind legs, which I was told was a side effect of diabetes. It got so bad she could hardly walk, and I even had her seeing a pet acupuncturist, but it didn’t help. Other vets told me she would never walk normally again, but my own research indicated that nerve damage can result from over-medication of insulin, not the actual diabetes. Finally I took her off all medications and within a few weeks she got better all on her own and was walking normally. Since then, I’ve been feeding her nothing but the raw meat diet (chicken and turkey) + Feline Instincts, and some medications for unrelated problems, and her blood sugar has been perfect for 4 years now.

Scott, CA

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