Feline Urological Syndrome FUS

Feline Urological Syndrome FUS

Important Information
We are appalled at the recommenced surgery for Feline Urological Syndrome (FUS) “perineal urethrostomy” for male felines! This terrible invasive surgery literally cuts off their penis! When allopathic vets commercial diets don’t work they quickly turn to this expensive and truly invasive surgery. Sometimes this surgery is just a temp fix to a problem that may be fixed by feeding a raw diet. Many felines have died from this surgery or had to be put down because of the side effects. PLEASE don’t take this way out for your male kitty. There is a better more natural way to help him.

Feline Urological Syndrome (FUS)
There is little doubt that F.U.S. is directly related to a felines’ life style and diet. A nutritionally balanced raw diet has been proven over and over to prevent and stop this heart breaking disease.



Success Stories from other Kitties that had FUS

Hi Felice
Thank you Felice! Jax is almost done with his first bag of My Natural Cat supplement. He loves it with ground beef, ground veal, and turkey. I found frozen raw calf liver at my local Whole Foods and I was ecstatic to mix it with the beef and veal. So far, it’s been almost one month, and Jax is not showing urinary blockage signs. I am adding 1/8-1/4 cup of water to each feeding and he urinating clear and free daily. My heartfelt thanks from both of us!
Jason – CA

Hi Felice,
The Natural Cat diet saved my feline, Saint John’s life. He was in severe pain and had crystals in urine. I brought him to vet and he still wasn’t 100% after doses of medicine and special food. Your diet gave me my feline back. Thank you so much from him and me.
Mary 🙂 New York

Just wanted to touch base regarding our 3 felines. This is our 2nd order of My Natural Cat powder. (first order was in my name, Debbie Hale; this current order was made by my daughter, Katie).
One of our male felines, Checkers, was found to have urinary infection/partial blockage. We ordered your powder and made the recipe. He refused to eat for 2 1/2 days, but finally began tentatively picking at it. (the other two felines gobbled it up from the start!)
We have fed them the raw diet exclusively for the past few weeks, and now all three felines can’t wait for it!! Yay!! We’ve noticed a decline in the frequency of their feces, and best of all – the feces has almost no foul odor!! We’ve also noticed that their coats seem silkier. We have added a bit more water to the recipe, since our other male, Sebastian, seemed to be a bit constipated. This seems to have helped. And Checkers has had no symptoms of any urinary problems.
Thanks again for offering this product. We’re happy to know that we are doing our part to give them a healthy rest of their lives!!

I have been using it for about a year now. Recommend it to any feline with crystal issues.
All looks well!
Lauren, MI

Hi, Sammy started to mark and pee in the house spring 09, so I took him to the vet this summer. That’s when I found out he had 8.5 alkaline urine with crystals, and that might explain the marking and peeing. So far he seems to be doing a lot better on the raw diet. I have recommended it to others.
Jennifer, PA

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    I’m at your site and want to buy your poweredmix but have no idea how to purchase it. I did get to a page that said shop but lost it and have no idea how to get back their? Thank you, Marilyn

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