When Cats Leave Their Poop ….

Feline Fact:
When Cats Leave Their Poop Uncovered It’s a Sign of Aggression.

Cats are territorial by nature and use urine and other signals to demonstrate dominance or a higher position on the hierarchy. In colonies, subordinate cats cover their poop, while dominant cats leave feces uncovered.

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Rosemary Extract in PreGround Poultry Meats: Toxic to Cats

Rosemary Extract used in all pre-ground poultry such as Turkey. I have been telling everyone to not use this meat becasue of it’s toxicity to cats. However, I asked Dr Wolf again about this and she replied here…

‘Toxicity. Rosemary is not listed on the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animal’s lists of toxic plants for dogs or cats, and is not considered toxic to pets. However, it does contain volatile oils that can cause stomach upset or depression of the nervous system if consumed in large amounts.’

I think you are ok in a small amount but watch for any sensitivity.

Dr. Anna Maria Wolf



Cats and Fish

Another delicacy cartoons would have you believe cats love is raw fish, which may actually be bad for them. Uncooked fish can contain bacteria that are harmful to cats and can cause food poisoning. Also, an enzyme in raw fish destroys thiamine, an essential B vitamin, which can lead to neurological problems.This includes tuna fish raw or cooked as well.


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We adopted Ziggy, a Ragamuffin kitten, a little over three years. We continued to feed him the costly cat/kitten grain-free food that he had always eaten. He began to get colitis every 8-10 weeks within a few months of adopting him. He would run a high fever, vomit, develop horrible diarrhea, and was very sick. Each time, the vet would give him steroid and antibiotic shots which would fix the illness, but only for a matter of weeks. After MANY expensive trips to the vet, I asked if there was something else that could been done or changed to prevent future occurrences. The vet told me not really, that it was just that way my cat’s system was.

I was desperate to find something to help Ziggy. We were tired of his being sick, high vet bills, cleaning up vomit, washing a long-haired cat regularly due to the diarrhea, and gagging at an extremely foul-smelling litter box that permeated the entire house.  Our research revealed Feline Instincts and a raw meat diet. Finally, a possible solution for Ziggy. Plus, it just made sense. I ordered the supplement hoping to help heal my cat AND keep him well. A lifetime of his being sick. plus the problems that would be caused by the excessive medicines, were not acceptable.

Since we have started the raw meat diet with Feline Instincts’ supplements, our cat has only been sick one time in almost two years, and that time was because he got into my son’s pizza. I have a healthy, happy cat now who is thriving! Litter box cleaning is not disgusting anymore, and my house does not stink. (It used to smell horrible anytime he used his litter box!!!!!) We are not having to regularly give him “bottom baths” due to potty issues either.

Feline Instincts has been such a blessing for my cat and my family. I am so thankful for a healthy, easy to prepare diet for my cat, who is now vibrant and flourishing. If I could reach through the computer and hug the creators of Feline Instincts, I would. Thank you so much for restoring my cat’s health and saving our budget, noses, and sanity!!!




After surgery recovery wrap. SO much better then a cone!

Thanks to Cindy for her great idea when her Mr Thomas had to ware a cone for his post surgery of a fatty tumor.

Mr Thomas was licking the stitches so the vet put one of those cones on it that scared not only him but all his feline friends in the house as well. So Cindy thought to do a wrap and takes it off only to put more anti itch cream on his incision

Smart Mom Cat!!

Her another site for the wraps

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After surgery wrap


Dry Foods and Kidney Problems

Feeding dry foods is what causes creatine levels to be higher then normal unless there is a tumor or a deformity of the kidneys.

Dry foods no matter what kind it is will dehydrate the kidneys causing the cat or dog to drink more water. This makes the kidneys work really hard by dehydrating them and hydrating them. This ongoing off and on will wear the kidneys out faster than old age will do. Think of your heart organ working all the time if you were to run every day and never stop. Your heart would be stressed from this right? Well so will the kidneys or any other organ that works more than it should.

As for the higher kidneys levels in blood work when fed a raw diet; only the BUN level can be slightly higher because this stands for the protein in the diet which a raw diet is a higher quality protein then processed foods are. On the other hand, the higher levels of the creatine are sign of damage to the kidneys, BUT dehydrated kidneys will show signs of damage causing the creatine levels to be high and can be corrected once you stop the dry foods entirely.

Cats are literally not designed to eat anything but raw. All their organs and digestive system runs smoothly on raw and all processed foods that are cooked are alkaline. Raw keeps the cat’s system acidic so that his body thrives and functions purrfectly…

Alkaline diets (AKA all commercially processed COOKED foods) disturb a felines digestive and urinary balance. A homemade raw meat cat food diet will help to maintain the pH acidic environment necessary for their digestion and absorption of calcium. The acidic environment stimulates the pancreas to reduce digestive enzymes; this maintains pancreatic health and prevents atrophy of this important organ and others. The strong digestive secretions allow very few parasites to get past the stomach.

It is important to note that commercial pet foods, which are cereal-based or not, do not nurture a naturally pH acidic stomach environment like a raw meat diet for cats; because of this, Feline Diabetes, Feline Urinary problems (FUS) and Feline Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) and early kidney disease normally disappear when fed a raw meat diet. Alkaline diets disturb a felines digestive and urinary balance.

I hope this was helpful

Felice Arata


Tips On Preventative Care for Cancer and Liver

It has been my personal goal to have my cats live well into their late 20’s or longer if I can. I was successful for four to reach 17,19 and 20 when all their organs were normal yet cancer is what took them. Still, that void they left in my heart and life, even losing them at that age, left a huge void in me that still causes me sorrow when I remember them every day. Thankfully, my kitty Alex (nine years now) has been filling that void with his deep purrs and cuddles. Alex is always either on my desk helping me work if he’s not watching butterflies, squirrels and birds through our office bay window or sun room.

I have recently started my Alex on a daily immune system wafer, Colostrum on his meals, a TINY bit of Ester C in his meals a few times a week to see if I can build a stronger immune system to help prevent cancer. And for his teeth I give him once a day some plain raw meat or chopped in small quarters, chicken neck. So far, he has not had to have his teeth clean and that is GREAT for his age. Of course, I don’t vaccinate my cats anymore either.

I did a great deal of research and had talks with my vets about the ongoing epidemic of cancer in all our animals. Every one of the vets said they see more cancer now they have in their whole life as a vet.

Yes, most of us know that cancer can stem from vaccines and commercial foods, but there is more that causes cancer and its right under our noses. I talk to cat lovers daily and I sometimes ask them what they use for watering bowls and dishes and many of them say they use those plastic watering fountains. As soon as I tell them my story of why I felt my cats got cancer and how I know this, they throw theirs out just like I did when I realized how filled with cancerous toxins they really are. The chapter on this is in my book, “My Natural Cats” www.mynaturalcats.com and will explain this and so much more to help you raise healthier cats and dogs with a comments from my vet Dr Reeves, Dr Gardner and various other holistic vets I worked with through the years.

I have been asking how long can our cats live and getting the same answers as you may have. Yet, I’m just not satisfied at those answers.

Case in point, BrightHaven.org, a holistic no kill sanctuary, has cats that come to them with serious health challenges that I have never had to deal with and several of them have lived to the high 20’s and one in his early 30’s with the holistic care and raw diets like I do. So, why can we?

It is my opinion that cats can live longer if we care for them as close to natural as possible and support their organs along with a healthy balanced raw diet. Also, treat health issues with homeopathy care from a homeopathic vet like I did. Drugs always have side effects that allopathic vets pay no attention too and then treat those symptoms which have more side effects. Yes, sometimes a drug has to be given but back it up with a holistic vets care to minimize the side effects.We do have to remember though we live in a toxic world filled with cancer causing toxins; I use vinegar and water to clean floors and counters for starters. The air we all breathe is more toxic now then 30 years ago; therefore, we need to support their immune system, individual organs and detox their liver more often before we see the liver levels creeping high on their blood work or see symptoms of liver failure starting; generally, by then it’s almost too late to reverse. Yet I was successful in reversing the liver and did it twice. That too is in my book, “My Natural Cats”.

Did you know the liver is the easiest organ to cure? The liver in both humans and animals can rejuvenate itself daily. However, when the liver builds up with too many toxins over a period of time without detoxing it with milk thistle (read my book), you’ll see liver failure happen very fast because cats hide symptoms of liver and kidney problems until it’s almost too late to stabilize or reverse.

Get blood work once a year and when your fur friend is older get it twice a year so you can get see if there is a problem starting before it’s too late.

Whew, I can go on but have to get back to work now. Thank you all for your time
Many purrs,
Felice and Alex

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Feline Liver and Toxins

What you need to know about the feline liver.

The Feline Liver Has Low Tolerance To Toxins and is just another reason why you need to get them blood work every year and sooner from ages of 12 up….

Many substances are especially toxic to cats because their liver has a low capacity to metabolize. To repeat what our local vet Dr. Patrick Reeves stated, “Cats have a very low tolerance to toxins. If you give a Tylenol to a cat they are dead in 30 minutes. Not so for a dog.” As John K. Dunn states in his Textbook of Small Animal Medicine, “toxic side effects develop more easily in cats in cases of overdoses of toxins from plastic and other toxins, or reduced liver function.”


Rosemary Extract Warning

Rosemary Extract is toxic to cats and dog…I just found out that Jenno ground turkey is adding this to their meats now! I had to dump all three recipes I was making. Thank heavens I saw it in the ingredient list on the package before I finished the mix.

Look for it in salmon oils for animals too!

Yucca Schidigera Extract: purported to decrease the odor in feces, Yucca is on many lists of plants toxic to both dogs and cats. Rosemary Extract: cheap preservative known to cause seizures in cats and small dogs and not proven safe, either in the US or in Europe.


Our Book Review From Celine in France

Dear Felice 

I’m sooo sorry it’s been so long. I have so much going on here with different things. I also wanted to get a good handle on your book before writing to you too. What a beautiful book it is. Lots of love and adoration of the beautiful beings we share our lives with. So much knowledge, observation and dedication. Anyone seriously bringing up kitty should be reading this. Its written like a true mother. I have of course cried 🙁 others I’ve laughed and I’ve learned a lot. Thanks so much for your gift.

Teddy is doing great eating his Feline Instincts with his organic meats and organic eggs and salmon oil. He especially loves the liver powder (he did before) Its clever stuff, I defy any kitty not to eat it. I’m really pleased he loves his Immu Go. He will eat them as treat or crumbled onto food. I will break him from it soon for a little while as I don’t want him to get picky about it. He likes things for so long then needs a break.

He’s doing well, he’s about 11 now, I’m not sure as he was rescued as you may remember. An example of what any rescue baby can be, given the chance. He’s beautiful and kind and I tell him everyday. He talks, wow has he got every sound going. People who meet him first time say shocked ‘oh my g he actually talks’ I just smile and think umm yes, because he happens to vocalize his thoughts, they all have thoughts and feelings! I’m so proud of him. I tell him god loves him and is proud of him too. He’s full of love as they all are. One thing that tells me everything about the other animals we share the planet with is love, they respond to and need love and kindness. There are many many human animals that this can’t be said about.

I’ve added some photos. He’s regal sometimes but a big kitten. He is very like a lion cub with his rucked fur and gait as he walks, has indomitable spirit but sweet. Boy oh boy do I love my little boy!

Love to you and Alex. He’s a beautiful lucky boy to have a smart, loving mum. I will be in touch soon.

God bless, love and light