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  1. I´m excited too! 🙂

  2. Maddie says:

    I can not wait for the book!! I am so happy I found you! I have a kitty who just turned 17 and he has been fed dry food all his life and vaccinated (until I got smart 7 yrs ago). he has developed an auto immune disorder and the vet wanted to put him on long term steroids. I began researching alternatives and found Feline Instincts. After only 2 weeks on the raw diet the sores n his mouth are much better, his tongue has healed almost completely and the inflammation is almost gone! He is more active and he has put on some weight!

  3. Anna Maria Gardner says:

    The book is just beautiful and very helpful to people considering switching to a holistic approach, as well as inspiring and memorable stories about Felice’s wonderful cats I am honored to have known and worked with over the years!

  4. Barbarella Buchner says:

    Nice review, Felice! I am so bad at reading books, it just took me two months to finish one, but I´ll start on yours after that. And like Cindy says, it is probably a good reference book too!

  5. Brenda Shirley LaTorre says:

    I have followed your site for many years. I am wondering if you ever have any speaking engagements in the Dallas/Ft. Worth or Arlington, TX area? I love your passion for cats and have had many questions that it looks like the book will answer. Thank you!

    • felice says:

      Hi Shirley,

      I just found this on my sorry I didn’t reply sooner.

      No, I have not been asked to speak anywhere so far.

      Kind Regards,

  6. Lugosi was on Benazecare for about a year before his kidney values went back to normal. I would, of course, rather put him on a natural supplement rather than “heavy drugs”, so next time he runs into kidney trouble (he does have FLUTD), I will try him on these instead.

  7. What a wonderful story. 🙂

  8. Jayne Rogers Brown says:

    Felice’s BOOK is the Best!! Front start to finish~ I could not agree more with you Brenda on the “”INSPIRATION TO ALL OF US”””

    God Bless Felice for her passion and all her hard work in researching this information and writing her book!

    Felice knows what her “” PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE”” is…. no doubt!

  9. Thank you so much Jayne & Brenda for all your kind words and support. You and your fur babies mean a great deal to me 🙂

  10. Barbarella says:

    Of course, they don´t want the pet food industry to go out of business, hence they say raw is bad!

    Same with cannabis – it´s an amazing drug and they *know* it, but if they developed cannabis-based meds or let people take/smoke it legally, the pharmacy industry would suffer. Plus hey, we can´t have lots of healthy people (or cats) running around, cause then the medical and veterinary profession would go out of business! It´s all clever manipulating of the economy as a whole, and sadly, the “herd mentality” will believe anything the FDA (or the papers or the telly) would tell them… 🙁

  11. That is great news, and thanks for shipping to us here in the Canary Islands. 🙂

  12. Since I have put my two 16 year olds (and a 7 year old too) back on raw in May last year, they have thrived! Lugosi, who had constant, unexplained diarrhoea, was suddenly well again with perfectly normal faeces. His FLUTD symptoms are also so much milder now.

    Lugosi´s brother Spider, who developed a food allergy to Royal Canin’s Senior Consult Stage 2 veterinary diet (he scratched and scratched and had bald patches all over), went back to perfectly normal and stopped scratching himself within 2 weeks of going back on raw.

    Contrary to what the vet said about feeding Spider “special food” for his kidney problems, a few months on raw, his kidney values were actually *better* than the last blood test when he was on the veterinary diet. I am always putting pumpkin in with Spider’s raw food, and that seems to be doing the trick.

    Thanks for this article, Felice. I can only confirm all the points you make and will continue on raw, no matter how “inconvenient” and time consuming making the actual food is, or that bit more expensive. Because the benefits of seeing your happy, healthy cat are priceless!

  13. I am so glad that Caesar is in such good hands with you. Bless you, and here’s to many more years that he graces us with his presence. 🙂

  14. peter kosmas says:

    hi, a long wit beef and chicken can feed the kitten turkey and rabbit?peter

    • Felice says:

      So sorry for the long wait for a reply. I didn’t receive an email on this question until my web master told me about this.

      Yes, turkey is ok but the dark is more flavorful and rabbit is good too but cannot be used with any premix that has calcium supplement in it; rabbit comes ground whole with bones and bones represent the calcium in the meat.
      If I can be of more help please email me at


  15. Felice, again… my heartfelt hugs and sympathies for your massive loss. He had a wonderful life with you, you gave him everything right up until the end, and he knows that he was loved so much. Bless his little soul, RIP Caesar. 🙁

  16. Felice says:

    When a cat leaves you so many grand and precious memories it’s very hard to get through the grief

  17. Happy Birthday, Lilli! Here’s to many more happy, healthy years. 🙂

  18. Looking very dapper there, Alex! Wishing you and your mummy and daddy a wonderful Christmas! 😀

  19. Sue says:

    I have 3 cats with my youngest being a 6 year old purebred Silver Persian I rescued from an animal shelter where I was volunteering at the time. When I adopted him, he was only a year old and had been neutered, declawed on all 4 paws, then abandoned. He was picked up and taken to a high kill facility but after a few days, he was thankfully transferred to our shelter. I will never understand why veterinarians still perform this barbaric surgery. It is totally unnecessary and cruel. If you do not want to take the time to train a cat to not scratch your furnishings, then DON’T GET A CAT!

  20. This girl Lori is really amazing with all the stuff she does to end declawing! If you like, go and follow her on Instagram, her ginger and white cat “City” is such a cutie too. 🙂

  21. Ying Wang says:

    Is there any premix can help on cat constipation?

  22. Lynn Neuberg says:

    Hi fellow cat friends, Our family started feeding our five kitties raw turkey diet three years ago. We do use Jennie O Ground Turkey (the regular version not the lean) and we haven’t had any health issues or symptoms pointing to problems with the Rosemary Extract?
    This is surprising to read, so not sure if this is accurate or not.
    We do not have a grinder and would rather buy our turkey already ground, so what brands would be a consideration if this truly is an issue?
    Our five cats don’t like ground chicken, so we stay with turkey..

    • felice says:

      Our holistic vet also said rosemary is toxic. Cats are not like other animals; even their liver is easily damaged by thing that aren’t to a dog because they cannot eliminate toxins from their liver like humans and other animals. I would get some blood work done on your cats to see how their liver and other organs are doing yearly or sooner if you are feeding turkey as a staple diet just to be sure they are not at the start of any health issue. Cats are noted for hiding symptom before it’s too late.

      What you need to know about the feline liver.

      The Feline Liver Has Low Tolerance To Toxins:
      Many substances are especially toxic to cats because the liver has a low capacity to metabolize them. To repeat what Dr. Patrick Reeves stated, “Cats have a very low tolerance to toxins. If you give a Tylenol to a cat they are dead in 30 minutes. Not so for a dog.” As John K. Dunn states in his Textbook of Small Animal Medicine, “toxic side effects develop more easily in cats in cases of overdoses of toxins from plastic and other toxins, or reduced liver function.”

  23. Barbarella says:

    Thanks for all this interesting info, Felice. My boy Spider had great teeth until 15 and only had one tooth out until then, whereas Lugosi had most of his teeth out by that age! Must be something to do with genetics too, of course. It’s funny though how brothers can be sooo different – just like humans really. 🙂

  24. Valinda says:

    Thanks Felice. You are always caring and give good information for our cats. Handsome and TigerLilly appreciate it and so do aI.

  25. Prudence Tarpey says:

    I have siblings, boy and girl. I have been feeding them food made with feline instincts powder for years. They will be 19 in July and healthy. I will feed nothing else.

  26. Marilyn says:

    I’m at your site and want to buy your poweredmix but have no idea how to purchase it. I did get to a page that said shop but lost it and have no idea how to get back their? Thank you, Marilyn


    What can I add for antibiotics?

    • felice says:

      I don’t know of any antibiotic to use. However, we use a probiotic in our cats food. Is this what you meant? Probiotics is used when anitibiotics were used and took away ALL the good bacteria.

      We use this one: Total Biotics powder by NWC Naturals.

  28. Barbara Thiessens says:

    Felice, I am searching online for Feline instincts!? My 13 yr old neutered male precious baby (cat) has just been diagnosed with early onset renal disease. Never have had a sick cat & most have lived well into their upper teens & 20’s. I am 74 & panicing quickly as i’m presently stuck recouping from broken back.
    Vet pushed Vet prescription diets & antibiotics…We purchased those, cat wouldn’t touch any of it but I did the antibiotics for the 7 days since she told us that Kitty was full of bacteria. Then I began learning the benefits of alternative foods but its 2 weeks later & I cannot find any of Feline Instincts? THERE’S A holistic section at local Petco, bought bunch of cans from Liz Eastmans’ column, top foods for renal disease, again, Kitty wants nothing to do with any of it.
    He’s been on regular tuna in water & purina grain free Muse a couple yrs. I’m learning those are no gd for him. I am using tuna juice from Nora Lenz’ column added to each plate as enticement but now have began going slower w/ A BIT OF his previous TUNA ON the PLATE W/one of the new cans. I cannot find F.I.???? I need help badly, or oone of you Columnists to hold my hand thru this til I can get up & around again?

    • felice says:

      Dear Barbara
      We do not have our products in local stores or vet clinics. You have to order form our website in the SHOP area located in the end of the menu area below the banner or in the top right of the website..

  29. Lauren Roesler says:

    Can I use this with cooked meat? I currently use “Balance It”, Recommended by my vet, but I don’t love all the synthetic vitamins it contains. I prefer mostly food based nutrition for my cats. Would like to try your brand.

    Thank You,

    • felice says:

      Hello Lauren, You can use cooked however, It’s always best for the cat to use raw meats so the cat can get the raw enzymes they thrive on. If you want to get back to basics that is the best way to feed a carnivore. our vitamins E, Mag, taurine and calcium are from the earth not synthetic from a lab.

  30. Lori says:

    My kitty has ad an aggressive nasal lymphoma and feeding the raw food might be too hard on his system right now because of his decreased immune function. I use this premix with raw food currently but want to do a lightly cooked version to see if he benefits more from that. Do you recommend mixing the food up the same way as when I make the raw and then lightly cook or add the supplement mix after I cook the meats?

    • felice says:

      Yes and keeping as close to raw as possible will keep his immune system strong. Cook doesn’t have the enzymes cats need to thrive and build a strong immune system. Allopathic vets will not admit this.

      God Bless you both.