Photo Gallery

Our Camelot Feline Family

(Camelot;  a place regarded as very enlightened, cultured, beautiful, and peaceful)

 Lady Natascha
King Ramses
King Tut
 Our Cats Together
 The Author with her Cats


The following, most beautiful poem was written in a card to me by Patrick Reeves, DVM on December 26, 2009

King Tut’s Poem

I see you hurt, I hear you cry
For Lady Natascha, Ramses and I
But please don’t worry, we’re safe and sound
Sitting peacefully on a golden cloud
The three of us are here together
With a big bay window that sees forever

We know you did all a mother can
But now I understand God’s plan
Here there’s no pain nor hurt nor sorrow
And I pray yours eases with each tomorrow
Please know our love for you will never end
And we’ll patiently wait till you hold us again.