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  1. Mitchell Bogard says:

    Our 1 1/2 year old cat swallowed a Lily petal about 4 months ago. He spent 3 days on an IV drip at the vet to flush his kidneys and luckily returned home no worse for ware except for an elevated creatinine level of 2.9. BUN is at the high range of normal (35) and phosphorous levels are normal. I’ve always fed him mostly raw food but also high quality canned – never dry. The vet and I assume the elevated creatinine is from the Lily but it could be his normal condition. There was no previous blood work for a baseline. So, I now feed the lowest phosphorous raw I can find and substitute egg whites for some of the canned food to lower the phosphorous content. He takes Standard Process Feline Renal Support and Fish Oil as well. I’m assuming he has compromised kidneys from the Lily but don’t know for sure. Just want to confirm that your Feline Kidney Support is appropriate for him even if by some chance he doesn’t actually have kidney disease but just an abnormally high creatinine level. Thanks so much.

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